I still remember the first time I held a photo I just printed in a dark room. I had turned 17 and was in the middle of a year-long student exchange program far away from the small Argentinian town I grew up in. I was alone and detached. Photography was then just a random course I took to fulfill my school's requirements but soon it revealed like something else. With the camera in my hands I felt powerful, protected and shameless... almost invisible. I was able to move around freely and express a way of seeing things that I had been hiding from everybody... including myself.


I took too many different paths & destinations following who knows what idea of happiness until one day I decided to leave everything behind and started traveling. And I don’t know exactly where it was, but maybe somewhere down an Indian railroad  or a Thai wedding I remember looking through my camera and getting that old feeling of completeness  again; that feeling of being in the world. And I knew I wouldn’t let it go this time.


Sofia Fernandez is a freelance destination photographer based in Tulum, México.